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Compassion Fatigue & Burnout Treatment

Those of us in the helping professions know how taxing our line of work can be. Are you overworked? Tired? Burned out? Whether you're a doctor, nurse, veterinarian or psychotherapist, the risk of compassion fatigue is serious, and the effects can be pervasive.


As a certified compassion fatigue professional (CCFP) and helper myself, I can offer support and guidance for preventing and treating the symptoms of compassion fatigue, secondary traumatic stress and burnout. 

Home health aid supporting her client in a wheelchair

Some of the symptoms that caretakers and helpers come to me for help with include:

  • Loss of interest in the activities I used to enjoy

  • Poor sleeping patterns, perhaps with work-related nightmares

  • Intrusive thoughts about work that are difficult to stop

  • Feeling flat, depressed or hopeless

  • Feeling overwhelmed and ineffective

  • Difficulty relaxing (frequently feeling keyed-up or nervous)


If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, or you want to expand your tools for preventing compassion fatigue, I hope you will contact me for a confidential initial consultation. 

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