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Counseling Services

Austin counseling
Individual Sessions

In individual sessions, I work with adults who are experiencing relationship problems, depression, anxiety, grief or difficulties at work. We'll work together to identify ways to cope with current struggles in your life and develop the tools you need to face challenges in the future. 

Therapy may be helpful with these needs:

  • Looking for a good listener and additional support during a difficult time

  • Seeking self exploration and to learn about yourself

  • Needing help with a specific problem, symptom or issue in your life

Couples counseling austin couples therapy
Couples Counseling

If you and your partner are experiencing relationship problems like difficulty communicating, infidelity, struggles with life transitions, sexual difficulties or frequent arguments, couples counseling could help your relationship get back to a fulfilling and healthy place.


You and your partner may be seeking support around these questions: 

  • Are we a good fit for each other long term?

  • Can our relationship survive after an affair? 

  • How do we get back to a place of feeling connected and intimate?

  • What should we do to keep our relationship in a good place when going through life transitions (bringing baby home, loss of a job, moving, etc.)

  • How can we co-parent after our separation in a way that's best for our children? 

Group Therapy
Group Therapy

Group therapy is an excellent place to work through the concerns you might bring to individual therapy, except group therapy has the added benefit of providing a community with others who may have walked a similar path. I am currently interviewing applicants who would like to participate in my group for Tenderhearted Women. Please visit the group page if you would like to learn more about the group. 

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