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Upcoming Trainings

Help for the Helper - Training and support group for helpers, meeting virtually every other Friday, beginning August 11, 2023. Content will center around preventing burnout and implementing self-care strategies when working in a helping profession. Limited to 12 participants. Email April for more information or to apply. 

Speaking Engagements

I enjoy speaking on a variety of topics for groups large and small. I have given presentations for groups as large as 250 people, and as small as 12 people, and that have spanned from a 1-hour lecture to a day-long training intensive. Below are lists of presentation topics I have given previously; it would be my pleasure to develop a training or presentation that is tailored to your group's needs. Please contact me to discuss rates and availability. 

Examples of previous presentation topics:

Help for the Helper: Preventing Burnout and Implementing Self-Care

Emotional Intelligence

Handling Crisis and/or Suicidality in the Workplace

Conflict Resolution

Implementing Mindfulness into Therapeutic Work

Using Parts Work to Address Power Dynamics, Systems of Oppression, and Intergenerational Trauma

Self Compassion for Therapists and Helpers

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