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Couples Counseling

If there is tension in your relationship, negative patterns, struggles over infidelity or the sense that the relationship is depleting your well-being rather than adding to it, couples counseling can help. The support and guidance of a counselor can help you work through some of the difficulties, misunderstandings and hurt feelings while helping you to feel closer and more connected with your partner. 

I use techniques and research from Emotion Focused Therapy, Terry Real's Relational Life Therapy and The Gottman Method in my work with couples. As is the case in my individual sessions, I am very collaborative and engaged with my couples counseling clients.

lgbtq friendly couples counseling
couples counseling Austin TX

Couples typically come to me when they are:  

  • Longing for more connection or closeness

  • Wanting improved communication

  • Needing support or recovery tools after infidelity

  • Experiencing sexual problems or concerns

  • Having disagreements that are frequent and/or seem unsolvable


To find out how I can help you and your partner improve your relationship (or possibly save your marriage), contact me to schedule a confidential initial consultation. 

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