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Online Therapy For Texas Residents

I am pleased to offer online therapy for residents of Texas. Whether you are in need of individual or couples counseling, technology makes it possible for us to meet remotely. 

This may be for a short period--while you travel, need to be home for children, etc.--or it could be the primary way we work. Online therapy makes counseling flexible for your lifestyle and circumstances.


Contact me today to schedule a confidential initial consultation. 

Online Counseling

FAQ's For Telehealth:

What are the requirements for online therapy?

The requirements for online therapy are a broadband internet connection, and a computer with a working webcam. I do recommend using a computer rather than a smartphone, so that your hands are free, however smart phones can work in a pinch.

How is online counseling different from in-person? 

Many clients prefer online counseling because of its convenience; it allows you to have therapy from the comfort of your own home or office. Other clients like coming in for a face-to-face connection and having a different "space" where therapy occurs (in my office). Both are powerful ways to access the support and connection you need. 

Can I work with you if I live outside of Texas?

At this time I am licensed only in the state of Texas, and therefore am limited to seeing clients in this state. 

Are the fees for online therapy the same as in-person therapy?

Yes, the fee structure is the same for both types of therapy.

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